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Seattle Humane — Bringing Life to a 5-Year Growth Strategy

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Seattle Humane


Organizational clarity and alignment around the vision and 5-year strategy

Seattle Humane's Challenge

Seattle Humane (SH) had a 5-Year strategic plan for growth (Vision 2026) but needed help in communicating and bringing its vision to life through its staff. SH reached out to XPLANE for help visualizing its strategy and in developing an innovative plan to promote its five pillars of Vision 2026 after hearing of XPLANE’s success on a similar project with the Oregon Humane Society. SH’s goal: to energize and better equip its staff to explain the organization’s vision, and to engage the wider Greater Seattle pet-owning community, inviting them to be part of this exciting growth process. 

XPLANE's Approach

XPLANE first met with a core group of the organization’s leadership team, who were closely involved with creating Vision 2026. We worked with them to build a visual representation of the vision and five pillars. Through a series of presentations to the larger team seeking buy-in and feedback, we created a vision map a digital visualization of their vision and strategy that communicated these strategic goals and pillars. 

"We had a pretty lofty internal idea of where we were heading but did not know how to communicate that both internally and, especially, externally to our broader community. XPLANE supported us in creating the right communication channel to get others to join hands with us."

—KC Caine, Director of Strategic Initiatives

The Results

The creative visual representation of SH’s Vision 2026 was an engaging document that made communication and activation of that strategy clear. The document became the basis for an interactive site that invited the community to explore how Seattle Humane will be a champion for pets and their people, even those who may never step foot in the shelter.  

The interactive site provides both visual and tactical features that allow the pet community to explore and learn about the SH strategy at their own pace. 

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