20,000+ viewers watch four-minute video visually explaining the subprime mortgage crisis

PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct. 16, 2008) – XPLANE, a global information design consultancy, created “Savings & (mis)Trust†– a four-minute animated movie clearly explaining the flawed subprime mortgage lending practices that fueled the current economic crisis in the United States. Since releasing the video on Oct. 9, it has generated more than 20,000 views on YouTube and ranked as last week’s 40th favorite education video. In addition, it is the 16th, 23rd and 98th most viewed education video in Mexico, Spain and Hong Kong respectively. The piece can be viewed at www.xplane.com/subprime.

“We’re very excited by the positive response to ‘Savings & (mis)Trust over the past week,†said Parker Lee, vice president of business development and marketing at XPLANE. “This video is a clear example of what XPLANE does for our clients every day in simplifying the complex through the use of visual thinking and design. We look forward to many more productions as creative as this one.â€

The four-minute movie takes viewers through the process starting in 2000 and ending in current day, detailing the role that home buyers, mortgage lenders, banks, financial institutions and ultimately asset backed securities played. The production was created by XPLANE’s renowned information design team using Cintiq technology by Wacom to allow for live and still animation, and voiceover.

With an innovative visual, multidisciplinary methodology, XPLANE is unique because it applies both left and right-brained approaches to develop fresh solutions to challenging communication problems. This approach accelerates understanding, which drives actions and results. Companies have hired XPLANE to motivate employees, drive sales, convince decision makers and improve processes. XPLANE won a bronze medal in 2008 at the 16th Malofiej International Infographics Awards, known as the most important and respected infographic contest in the world.

Earlier this year XPLANE created an infographic detailing how Barack Obama is the first major candidate to decline participation in the public funding system because of the support he has garnered through online social networks. The work has been viewed nearly 12,000 times and can be downloaded at http://www.xplane.com/obama/.


Founded in 1993, XPLANE is an information design consultancy that drives better results for many of the world’s leading corporations including Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, U.S. Department of National Intelligence, U.S. Marine Corp., Nike and BP through visual thinking and design. XPLANE offers clients unique and personalized service through its employees’ diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, including journalism, consulting, technology, marketing, training, illustration, interaction, process improvement, information design and architecture.

Global XPLANE headquarters are in Portland, Ore. USA; European offices are based in Madrid, Spain and a third office is located in St. Louis, Mo. USA. For more information about XPLANE, visit www.xplane.com or call (866) 750-6467 (USA) + (34) 915 635835 (Spain).

For more information contact:

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