XPL_May_Newsletter_b2Teradata is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company. From its inception, the company has had a different way of seeing the problem of data processing, making it the golden standard in the data warehouse industry. Teradata started with a unique design approach for a relational database focused on being the best analytical engine while all other databases were designed to process transactions. Over the years Teradata’s leaders have put in the time necessary to create a system that requires minimal management and administration, even in the most complex environments, to save their customers time and money. The Teradata team is smart, making their systems not only blazingly fast, but completely automatic.

Over time, competitors have repeatedly increased processing power in an attempt to keep up with Teradata, but based on software and/or management processes, bottlenecks are inevitable, as these companies don’t have a completely parallel mindset and innovative focus on analytics solutions – although many claim that they do. This increasingly crowded and cluttered market prompted Teradata to put a concerted emphasis on clearly articulating its value and competitive advantage.

As Teradata prepared to launch Teradata Intelligent Memory™, its latest innovative database technology, it was critical that they clearly articulate automated self-management and the superior foundation in the Teradata Database, and that the only vendor in the data warehousing space that has it is Teradata. To address this need XPLANE created two animations articulating Teradata’s value propositions and an illustrated map that showcases the unique layers of service that the company delivers in response to its customers’ analytical needs.

“XPLANE allowed us to depict the essence of our offer without the technology details” said Chris Twogood, Vice President Product and Services Marketing, Teradata. “They enabled us to explain the benefits and differentiation of a sophisticated concept in a way that anyone can grasp in a two minute video.”