Drawing to Make Sense of the World with Dave Gray

Phone with podcast artwork on the left. On the right reads “Drawing to Make Sense of the World, The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, Dave Gray.” Above is a blue flag with a white icon denoting that this is a podcast.

In this episode, Dave Gray discusses his journey from the world of traditional journalism to helping large organizations clarify, communicate and achieve their goals.  We also discuss how  you can use drawing to make sense of the world and solve our own problems.

– Overcoming the starving artist objection
– Doing work that is truly aligned with who you are
– Finding a question that drives all your work
– Why people lose sight of their calling
– How the school system creates a lack of alignment
– Cultivating a capacity to overcome fear
– Showing your work when it’s not perfect
– Having a deep understanding of the materials you are working with
– Why drawing gives us a way to see if something is possible
– The importance of visual literacy
– Using an emotional impression to make something unmistakable

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May 6, 2020