Design Thinking has been gaining momentum in the business world as a method for problem solving. Visual Thinking is a set of tools we have been using for years for making the invisible visible. Here at XPLANE, we continue to push the boundaries of Design Consulting with our latest offering, Olfactoral Thinking.

With Empathy Mapping, we put ourselves in the user’s shoes. What are they thinking? What are they feeling? Hearing? Seeing? But that methodology has left out one key sense.

What are the users smelling? 

To answer this question XPLANE has developed an Olfactory Thinking Workshop, or OTW. Our Scent Subject Matter Experts, or SSMEs, will collaborate with your leadership team to determine current smells, future smells and the aroma journey. Here is how it works.

First, we must understand what the current smells are. Armed with a Smell Holding and Normalization Zograscope (or ScHNoZ) the SSME’s will shadow your target audience to perform smell collection. With these collected smells we will create a current state boquet. This can be used to ensure there is aromatic alignment among your stakeholders.

Then, we will collaborate with you to develop the future smells. SSME’s arrive with a collection of aromas tuned to your industry. We will run smell up exercises and aroma map several olfactory concepts including but not limited to:

New Car


Spring Rain

White Board Marker

Fresh Laundry

Baby Head


Camp Fire

Printer Toner

The Ocean




Lastly, we will want to determine how to move from the current smells to the future smells creating the aroma journey. How quickly can we move from Electrical Fire to Camp Fire? If we are moving from Last Week’s Meat Loaf to Bacon, is there a milestone at Fast Food Hamburger? And, is it possible to accelerate the transition from Locker Room to Fresh Laundry?

Armed with the Future Smell Incense Collection and the Scratch and Sniff Aroma Map, we are confident that running an Olfactory Thinking Workshop will lead you and your team to the sweet smell of success.

Click here to learn more about the Olfactory Thinking Workshop and how to apply these concepts to your organization.