Next Steps

Thank you for enrolling in XPLANE’s Strategy Activation Bootcamp (SAB). We’re excited to meet you!

We will host this Bootcamp using Zoom and MURAL. Please make sure you have a browser that can support these tools (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are recommended). You will not need to register for a Zoom or a MURAL account ahead of time. XPLANE will extend you visitor invitation links in future email communications. Zoom links will be emailed to learners at a later date prior to the SAB’s start.

To login use the username or email entered at checkout, then use the auto-generated password sent to you via email. If you purchased this course while logged into your existing account, then your account now has access to the course materials. Once logged in, click on the course link that appears below to access course content.

If you have any questions leading up to the Bootcamp, please contact us at