Behind the scenes of GOOD Magazine’s infographics.

We always found that there\’s info lurking behind everything in the world,” says Morgan Clendaniel, deputy editor at GOOD Magazine. “You\’ll read an article, but you won\’t see the data behind it — nor would you want to. Nobody wants to read an Excel file.”

Clendaniel and I are discussing GOOD\’s Transparency section — a regular print and online feature of standalone infographics. The general interest magazine best known for its social consciousness has published infographics on a number of topics, some serious (fuel efficiency between modes of transportation, a map of international legislation on death penalty), others more playful (relative trophy sizes, museum ticket prices).

“The goal is to illustrate these issues in a way that is entertaining, accessible, but also informative,” Clendaniel says.

(Thanks @swissmiss!)