Earlier this month XPLANE conducted its first Global Consulting Summit of 2013.  The summit, led by members of XPLANE’s consulting team, was a two-day workshop designed to share XPLANE’s unique consulting methodologies. Attendees had been nominated to participate by members of the XPLANE community based on their passion for visual thinking, people-centered design, and ability to work in collaborative multi-disciplinary teams.  In total, 14 independent consultants were invited to participate; nearly half were from Portland, others came from San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, and even Italy. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about XPLANE as a company and collaborate with a broad network of peer attendees. The workshop sessions included an overview on consultant methodology, visual thinking and hands-on project simulation exercises.


Attendee Carol C. from Portland commented, “Even if I never got to work with XPLANE, which I already am, the learning I received and the people I met made the summit well worth it for me.”

The summit was deemed a great success and could have only been improved by having more time. Attendee Claudio C. from Italy added, “I bumped into XPLANE by chance while exploring visual thinking and thought, wow, these guys are doing exactly what I want to be doing – I must meet them! The past two days have been full of learning and teaching opportunities.”

If you wish to nominate a candidate for a future summit, please email Roel Uleners at ruleners@xplane.com.