We had the great honor of being invited to deliver a workshop for Nike’s Transition Management community as a part of their “Meet a SME (subject matter expert)” series. On May 21, a small team of XPLANErs spent 90 minutes with over 25 members of the Nike team introducing XPLANE methods with an overarching goal of providing participants with tools they could apply immediately.

The workshop began with XPLANE sharing five core visual frameworks that we use on almost every client engagement. We then spent the majority of the time walking through hands-on exercises to teach three Gamestorming frameworks which could be applied within Nike’s own internal transition management process.

Many of the Nike participants used their various current initiatives as subjects for the learning exercises, giving them first-hand experience in the value of the frameworks as they help teams and individuals sort through complex information and reach clarity and alignment.

Thank you to Jenny Esparza of Nike’s Transition Management Center of Excellence for the invitation and coordination.