UPDATE: Early registration has been extended to 24 Oct to allow our corporate customers enough time to get budget approval!

VizThink is a visual thinking conference and XPLANE is proud to be part of it. It happens Jan 27-29 in San Francisco and these are just some of the folks lined up to speak and facilitate:

Scott McCloud
Nigel Holmes
Christine Martells
Neil Cohn
Nancy Duarte
David Sibbet
Eileen Clegg
Robert Horn
Stephen Few
Dave Gray
Karl Gude
Dan Rose

Who are visual thinkers? Visual thinkers are people who use graphic design, images, pictures, video, animations, sketches, and other forms of visual art for communications and learning. VizThink will bring together several hundred participants from the best of the best in our industry with participation by trainers, marketers, presenters, executives, planners, strategists, and managers, just to name a few. While each approach may be different, the attendees all share the same philosophy in the power of visualization for learning and communication. We believe that by bringing these diverse groups together, we’ll create a community that can take the industry to a new level and invite you to take part.

Take advantage of the early registration discount by heading over to VizThink.com now!