In late March, President of XPLANE, Parker Lee, was invited by the Moscow business Wonderfull project lab to present XPLANE’s thoughts on visual thinking at a Visual Thinking Live! event.


This was the first event of its kind in Moscow, bringing together illustrators, designers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Visual Thinking Live! was designed to share new tools and techniques to help ignite creative thinking and visualization. XPLANE was invited to participate and offer some context on how visual thinking impacts behavior. Parker’s presentation helped guide listeners through techniques that will enable better organizational performance and empower change.

The event gathered 600 people in Moscow’s Artplay creative cluster, at the center of the Russian capital, and another 620 people tuned in to watch the event as a live webinar.

Maria Stashenko, co-founder at Wonderfull project lab and host of Visual Thinking Live! praised the event. “The presentation made a great impact on the minds and hearts of all our 600 participants in the hall and even more who watched our digital channel,” she said. “All the information was new to us, precisely selected and connected to each other, and perfectly structured. This was an invaluable knowledge brain shake!”

For more information on Visual Thinking Live!, check out the program release, found here.