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On the right, four individuals in a speech bubble pop up from the start of a trail at the base of a mountain. Ahead of them lies a trail with specific points marked all the way up to the top of the mountain, where a yellow flag awaits them. On the left text reads, “Webinar — What is Strategy Activation? Presented by Aric Wood. Wednesday, September 20 2023. 9am PT / 12pm ET.” A yellow tab with an icon of a person pointing to a whiteboard shows that this webinar has no recording.

What is Strategy Activation?

Strategy Activation is the emerging practice of integrating human-centered approaches to organizational change, resulting in greater engagement, alignment, and accelerated movement towards achieving your vision.

During this webinar, attendees learned:

  • The principle reasons strategies fail
  • A more human-centered change approach, the “Activation Curve”
  • The ingredients of a successful strategy activation program


Aric Wood headshot

Aric Wood, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Aric is the co-founder and Managing Director of XPLANE. He is also the leader of our Strategic Planning and Strategy Activation practices, helping non-profit, government, and Fortune 500 clients chart a clear strategy and a path to achieve it.

He is an international keynote speaker, and has appeared in publications and broadcasts including Forbes, CNN, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. 

Prior to XPLANE, Aric served in leadership roles at Intuit and, and as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.