During Get Naked! Let Your Message Stand Up Without PowerPoint, Visual Thinking School on November 7, we tackled how to transform PowerPoint decks into simplified, clear stories that can be presented in two minutes – without PPT. We introduced several alternatives including storyboards, live sketching, and interactive posters.


The attendees split into teams and each were given a source deck with topics ranging from business consulting pitches to amusement park status reports to publishing plans in Kazakhstan. We spent the entire workshop on this activity, which is a bit different for us, but the teams were able to create interactive posters about amusement park RFID deployment status, storyboards about getting consensus in the school district, and live sketching about Girl Scout cookie sales and marketing. No one chose the puppet show format, which was a bit disappointing. Maybe next time.

We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each format and also passed out a nifty flow chart to help you navigate the various presentation options.

That’s it for VTS for 2014 – we’ll see you on Jan 8, 2015.