So, after running xBlog for nearly seven years, I’ve stumbled across all kinds of online art, projects, books and collections. Some bizarre, some interesting, some just plain ridiculous. Here’s one for you that’s a little bit of all three, and this one’s mine: The Grocery List Collection. I’ve had this project online since about 2000 and now I have a book deal with F+W Publications (the publishers of How Magazine) to transform the site — containing more than 1,000 found grocery lists — into a real, live, hardcover book, tentatively titled “Milk, Eggs, Vodka: The Lost Grocery Lists of America.” Now I need your lists. I’m especially looking for odd/interestings ones but will gladly accept mundane/boring ones. Also, I’d like to try to get one from every state in the U.S. (and a good sample from around the world). So check out my strange little site and send me something! Thanks! Bill Keaggy, editor of xBlog