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Back in 1999, XPLANE created one of the first business blogs. We keep adding more good content, but we have a hard time deleting anything with that much history. Some images have been lost forever, some links no longer work, some posts are completely without copy. So, whether you want to keep up with all things curently XPLANE or travel back far into the archives and try to piece together a history, welcome to xBlog!

The Goudy International Center

AskTog: First Principles

devhead DHTML on ZDNet



Icon Bazaar

Hypergraphics web resources

Artist Direct

The What’s New Archives

ZDNet Software Library

Makin’ Fonts

Cliché Finder

20th Century Moments


Artists Rights Society

Science a GoGo

Deep Thoughts


The PDI Color Picker 2.0

The Principles of Creative Management

Cyberlaw Encyclopedia