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On the right a woman standing in center of light yellow circle holding a sticky note with a light bulb drawn on it, surrounded by a target, arrows, sticky notes and other sketched elements. On the left text reads, “Webinar — The Key Ingredients of Successful Facilitation: Principles, Purpose, and People. Presentation by Malarie Juricev. Wednesday, October 5, 2022. 9am PT / 12pm ET."

The Key Ingredients of Successful Facilitation: Principles, Purpose, and People

How do skilled facilitators prepare for a workshop? And what are the characteristics of a “great” workshop?

In this webinar, this pro facilitator will show you how to add value to your meetings and workshops using the key ingredients of effective facilitation: Principles, People, Purpose. We’ll dip into agenda design and XPLANE’s ‘secret sauce’—visual thinking, co-creation and people-centered design—to take your facilitation skills to the next level.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • XPLANE’s core facilitation philosophy
  • Three guiding principles for designing a next-level workshop: Visual Thinking, Co-Creation, and People-Centered Design
  • How to set clear expectations, bolster engagement, and get the best from your meeting and workshop participants

All registrants will receive a limited time replay link of this webinar. 

Plus, you’ll get a special bonus for attending live: a PDF and digital board that includes our favorite facilitation recipes.


Malarie Juricev headshot

Malarie Juricev, Director of Consulting, XPLANE

Malarie has 20+ years of expert facilitation experience and designs and leads discovery workshops for XPLANE’s clients. 

Passionate about modeling and sharing the power of effective facilitation, Malarie believes great facilitation is a balance between preparation and agility. She champions a digital-first mindset and the power of virtual collaboration technology as the path to creating truly inclusive environments for all participants.