80% of new strategies and major transformation initiatives fail.


We’re using outdated, mechanistic “change management” techniques in modern, more organic organizations, and ignoring the fact that people are at the center of all we do. We need to adopt a new, people-centered, and design-anchored approach to bring strategies to life, and make change stick in a more fluid and agile world.

XPLANE has worked with over 100 of the Fortune 500, numerous global NGOs and Government Agencies, and some of the world’s most innovative organizations, and has developed a system and toolkit for activating change that is agile, repeatable, and effective in the modern workplace.

This Masterclass, hosted by ACMP, provided a simple and scalable framework to activate any change initiative and included tools, templates, and exercises participants can immediately put to use in their workplace.

Participants learned:

  • How and why change management is changing in the future
  • How to design a modern activation program, and
  • How to leverage employee engagement and co-creation to make change stick