You may have 10 bullet points to talk about but only 3 are absolutely essential to telling your story. In the days of death by PowerPoint, it’s well worth the effort to strip down, to remove the layers, and distill your message/ pitch/ ask, etc. until it’s stark naked, all on its own.


During this quarter’s VTS on November 6, we’ll tackle how to transform PowerPoint decks into simplified, clear stories that can be presented in 2 minutes – without the PPT. We’ll introduce several alternative non-PPT formats. Working in teams, you will practice undressing a PowerPoint until you’ve arrived at its core message. Teams will then select a fitting non-PPT format and present as if talking to the CEO – in under 2 minutes.

In today’s business environment where everyone in drowning in email and addicted to busy, you may be surprised at how effective it is to present and deliver naked. We hope you will leave the workshop inspired to simplify and strip down your communications, to bare it all for the sake of clarity.