Updated January 5, 2021

Mark your calendars!

Back by popular demand, XPLANE is offering several immersive virtual learning experiences this year. Head to our Visual Thinking Bootcamp event page for our full schedule and course details.

Who should attend the Visual Thinking Bootcamps?

  • Professionals in large organizations who want to leverage visual communications. Use case examples include using visuals to ensure everyone on your team understands the process, testing new ideas, or having strategic conversations in less time by using diagrams instead of slide decks.
  • Leaders who want to transform their day-to-day work and learn how to make their meetings more effective by using visuals to explain complicated ideas.
  • Change management practitioners and independent consultants who want to incorporate more visuals into their communications and facilitation style.
  • Seasoned visual thinking practitioners and designers. If you work as a visual facilitator professionally, we recommend you skip the 101-level and go straight to the 201-level.
  • Visual Thinking School attendees who have attended our monthly VTS event and you want more in-depth skills and hands-on training, this is for you.

Who should not attend the Visual Thinking Bootcamps?

  • If you want to strengthen your facilitation skills, get live-practice, and learn to map which activities and exercises to lead for various types of problems and groups, this is not the workshop for you. 
  • If you want to become a Design Thinker and learn how to shape user insights into testable prototypes, this is not the workshop for you. Learn more about the differences between Visual Thinking vs. Design Thinking.
  • If you are a visual facilitator who wants to practice live graphic capture by recording dialogue in real-time and improving your hand lettering for presentations, this is not the workshop for you.
  • If you’ve already attended a prior Visual Thinking Bootcamp and don’t want to repeat the course, this is not the workshop for you.

What kind of skills can you expect to learn?

  • 101 Bootcamp Skills: The Foundations of Visual Thinking
    • Understand the visual alphabet and build your visual vocabulary
    • Practice visualizing common scenarios, behaviors, and moments you experience in the workplace
    • Learn how and when to use different visual frameworks to organize information and answer specific audience questions
    • Apply information design techniques to your visuals to solve problems and connect information with nodes and flows
    • You will leave the workshop with hands-on practice using a real-world scenario that combines the skills above to create a visual communication model targeted for a specific audience.

  • 201 Bootcamp Skills: Applying Visual Thinking to your Organization
    • Visual sensemaking; the process of wrestling with a complex idea until landing upon the perfect visual to explain it
    • Practice visualizing use cases within your organization
    • Understand visual tools and techniques to create a storyboard for a user experience, customer journey, value proposition, or vision statement, all using.. you guessed it, visuals.
    • Build assessment skills to determine what types of meetings can be re-designed to incorporate visuals and how to apply visuals in meetings for greater engagement and impact
    • Learn which visual frameworks XPLANE uses with Fortune 500 clients to gain alignment, make decisions, and uncover gaps in understanding

Are the two bootcamps a series? Should I do the 101 Bootcamp before the 201 Bootcamp?

Yes and yes! The bootcamps are a cumulative visual thinking training course. The 201-level will start with the assumption that you already have the 101-level skills. We highly recommend that you take the 101 course before the 201 course (unless you are a visual facilitator professionally, in which case we recommend you skip the 101-level). 

There is a discount if you sign up for both bootcamps as a series. Please contact us for details.

Is there a certification offered at the end of the bootcamp?

Yes! While XPLANE is not an accredited educational institution, we will provide you with a certificate upon successful completion of the course. This can be helpful in acquiring professional development funds to cover the cost of the course.

How do I purchase tickets? 

Tickets are available here. If you wish to learn more about our upcoming Visual Thinking Bootcamp offerings, please head to our event page for further details and information.