amchamphilips-tile.jpgRecently, XPLANE’s Amsterdam office joined forces with the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and Philips to design and facilitate a workshop on intrapreneurship.
The event was held at Philips’ global headquarters in Amsterdam and attended by over 100 young professionals from companies like Philips, Shell, Nike, and many others. The goal was to help attendees explore how they can think and work more intrapreneurially inside large organizations–even when they don’t have the authority or mandate from the organization.

Fueled by a fascinating 90-minute panel discussion of experts from NASA, Shell, Collider, and Philips, XPLANE extended the conversation into an interactive workshop for participants to explore the ideas and insights shared by the panelists.
To support the event, XPLANE designed four visual communication and engagement tools.




The first was a personal worksheet designed to help attendees capture notes on the characteristics of an intrapreneur while they listened to the panelists as well as insights on best practices and challenges regarding intrapreneurship.





The second tool was a team poster designed to help break-out teams discuss and describe five key ways in which individuals, teams, and organizations could each start thinking and working intrapreneurially as soon as the next day.




Following the workshop, XPLANE synthesized the content collected from all 12 breakout teams to identify the key ideas by category (individual, team, and organizational). The result was the third tool, this readout poster which was distributed to all attendees and shared with parts of Philips’ executive and leadership teams.




Finally, to ensure the conversation didn’t end with the workshop, XPLANE also provided an activation worksheet designed to help participants take the conversation back to their managers and teammates and identify initial steps they could take toward intrapreneurship.


XPLANE is proud to have been part of this energizing event. We saw minds open to the possibilities of thinking and working more intrapreneurially even when they don’t have the authority or mandate to do so–indeed, neither have most successful intrapreneurs.

For more information about the event and to view more photos, visit the AmCham’s website.