“I started to work with Stock agencies in January 2006. The year went pretty well and this is a review of 9 stock place where you can sell your work. The revenue per picture greatly depend on your portfolio content; mine was travel oriented and then I started to focus on stock images such as every day objects isolated on white background. Also I’d like to emphasize that I believe Microstock and Regular Stock are two different markets with different customers. I would never sell my ‘better’ (or I should say my ‘rarest’) pictures with micro for just a quarter. I sell newly taken “microstock oriented” (i.e everyday object on white background) or travel shots that did not meet Alamy technical requirements (due to lower resolution). If you check my portfolio with Alamy and with any Micro Stock you’ll see what I mean. I obviously prefer to sell a unique picture for a decent amount of money, but I also enjoy getting paid for my ‘not as rare’ pictures.”