“my collection began in the fall of 2001, when i observed a friend of mine as he composed a map for a german exchange student who was visiting our college campus. you could see all of the effort he’d put into it; switching colors often and making lots of wobbly little arrows.†it was really quite a work of art.†i loved it, so i asked him to draw me a map of chicago heights, where we went to high school. this was followed by a map of the city of chicago, and shortly after i’d managed to acquire a map from a stranger directing me to some store.†i hung my meager collection of three maps on my apartment wall, and shortly afterwards i had to pack them away and leave for a study period in france. this began the second phase of my collecting.†being a foreigner, i was always asking for directions, in every new city i’d visit.†naturally, this led to many new additions to my collection.” (Thanks kottke.org)