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Finding it hard to keep your team focused and engaged toward department and business goals?

As we collectively brush off the fatigue-fueled months and come to the realization that we still have business goals to meet and objectives to achieve, attempting to engage weary teams while getting things back-on-track can feel daunting. With ever-shifting priorities, we understand that getting your remote teams aligned and collaborating in this virtual environment is challenging.

Imagine a way of having it all “figured out”—of holding an agreed-to plan of action for where your team needs to go and a clear roadmap of how they’ll get there.

What is a JumpStart you ask?

An XPLANE JumpStart is our brand-new, intensive and highly interactive, one-day sprint designed to help you with one (or more) of the following:

  • Clarify your vision and align your teams.
  • Map out what you’d like your team culture to be in this new-normal.
  • Map a customer or employee journey to create improved experiences.
  • Activate a major strategy or change initiative with your team.

What you get

You’ll spend one day working with a leading XPLANE designer and consultant to create action-oriented plans to engage your teams and management alike. Here’s what our JumpStart includes:

  • 1-day private session with an XPLANE designer and consultant
  • 4–6 people from your team
  • Conducted using virtual platforms (e.g. Zoom & Mural)

You’ll come away with easily implementable plans.

Price: $5,000

Thank You, XPLANE.

“So grateful for your work! The way you artfully combine visual communication, tactile and brain engagement exercises for systems groups, and traditional strategy/planning work is refreshing. You’re all very human, down-to-earth, smart, insightful, encouraging—you really care and embrace helping people who are learning. I have the highest respect for XPLANE and XPLANErs. ”
— Strategy Communications professional

“Thank you for the great resources. My teammates and I now have a common language, concepts, and tools to work with together and I’m excited about that!”
— Account Manager

“Your guidance on creating structures and processes to support the behaviors or involvement that is wanted rather than solely relying on verbal or written instructions to produce behavior change was really helpful. “Just Do It” has its limitations.”
— Account Manager

Get your team recharged and back to executing.

For a free evaluation to see if a JumpStart is right for you, send us a note today.