The OSET Foundation is a nonprofit (501.c.3) election technology research institute focused on innovations in voting technology — what is often called “critical democracy infrastructure.” OSET’s team of tech-sector individuals previously contributed to innovations at companies including Apple, Facebook, Mozilla, and Netscape. Their new mission is developing technology for any jurisdiction to adopt, adapt, and deploy in order to do the following:

  • Improve voter turnout
  • Ensure ballots are counted as cast
  • Increase confidence in elections and their outcomes ​

The Problem

The most fundamental aspect of our democracy, the process of public elections, is at risk.  Elections infrastructure has deteriorated and become a very real barrier to our civic duty and civil right to vote. Voter turnout is at a record low, vulnerable voting systems have resulted in questionable elections outcomes, and existing technology is nearly obsolete. Citizens increasingly believe it’s too hard to vote, their votes don’t matter, or their votes may not even be counted as cast. Additionally, voting lines are long, the sign-in processes are inefficient, ballots are poorly designed, the audit and verification process is questionable, and technology is under-utilized.

The Solution

The TrustTheVote™ Project, the first-of-its-kind “digital public works project” is building an open, adaptable, and flexible Election Technology Framework called ElectOS™ that supports all aspects of elections administration including creating, marking, casting, and counting ballots. It leverages a technology platform that utilizes innovative apps to make voting easy, convenient, and more verifiable, accurate, and secure. The result is freely available, open source election technology that will do the following:

  • Enable any jurisdiction or vendor of finished systems to produce finished voting systems (ElectOS™ is like “Android for voting systems”)
  • Create a better voting experience
  • Be a catalyst for greater confidence in elections and their outcomes

To support the mission of developing ElectOS, by the people and for the people, the OSET Foundation engaged XPLANE to help drive a groundswell of public awareness and involvement. The first phase of the project is to co-create an animation with OSET to encourage people to join the movement and “Trust the Vote.” Stay tuned.

Learn more about The TrustTheVote™ Project:


Meegan Gregg