1.  I’m an award winning cartoonist

2.  I was an Intelligence Officer in the Army

3.  I used to barrel race horses, now I’m just recreational

4.  I grew up (summers) on an island without electricity and water

5.  I used to live in Germany and studied in Vienna, Austria & Eastern Europe

Your favorite vacation destination? Why? 

Europe. I love the culture.


Three places you hope to travel/live to one day?

Australia, South Africa, Argentina  (3 A’s)


What is one random fact about you that most people do not know?

I am a huge history and art fan


Do you have any special talents?

Reading people


What is your most embarrassing album you have on your iPod that you listen to?

Britney Spears


What is your Theme Song in life? 

All Summer Long – Kid Rock



  • Cats or Dogs?  Dogs.  Easy.
  • Summer or Winter?  Summer
  • Rain or Snow?  Snow
  • Water or snow sports?  Snow
  • Coffee or Tea?  Coffee
  • TV or books?  Books.


What TV show(s) can you not go a week without watching? 

Local news?


Who is your doppelganger? 

Someone named Susan. 



Have you ever met a celebrity and who? 

Several but Joe Lieberman stands out.  I spilled cold wine down the back of his shirt on a boat once (well, twice actually).