Improve the Remote Experience One Meeting at a Time

As an organization that specializes in collaboration and serves clients all over the globe, it’s critical to have the remote meeting experience dialed in.

Through the use of virtual meetings with screen share, tablets for live drawing, and experienced facilitators we were able to achieve a fairly successful experiencefor our clients. However, our internal meetings were really suffering. With two offices (Portland and Amsterdam), a handful of employees that work from home, and positions that require significant time on the road, it seemed we almost never had everyone in the room at once. The remote attendees often had a poor experience and participated minimally. The common feedback we heard was, “I couldn’t really hear or follow the conversation so I just dropped off the call.” Ouch.
Remote Employee Map

One of the ways we tackled this challenge was to define the remote experience people wanted. We spoke to our remote employees and found that they wanted to feel acknowledged, valued, and engaged when they joined internal meetings. We leveraged the best practices we created on our client calls and added some softer, more personal tips and tricks to help enrich the experience. This poster is the output and it hangs in all of our conference rooms. 

Is your organization experiencing some of these same challenges? Help yourself to the hi-res version of the Remote Experience – Meeting Best Practices Map Tweet: Help yourself to the Remote Experience - Meeting Best Practices Map & improve the experience for remote employees! see if you can improve the experience for your remote employees!  

Kathryn Jarrell is the Chief of Service Delivery at XPLANE.


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