Ahhh… memories. “If you were skateboarding back in the 80’s, you can probably think of at least a couple of skate zines that were floating around. They were typically high contrast black and white Xeroxed glimpses into different skate scenes from all over the planet. Skateboarding, music, art, poetry, funny stories and anything else these authors wanted to put through the copier and distribute wherever their skateboards took them. There are still some dedicated folks out their producing paper zines, but the zine boom of the 80s has certainly passed due to the emerging internet revolution. One of the standouts from that era, Bend Zine, was born in 1986 in the back office of a major BMX publication. Andy ‘Mel Bend’ Jenkins, the zine’s creator, remembers ‘I worked as an editor for a glossy BMX trick riding magazine called Freestylin’ and there were things I wanted to say/do that wouldn’t fit into the slick pages.'”