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Visual Thinking Bootcamp

Need to find ways to unlock your team’s creativity and yours? Want to improve collaboration and communication across your teams? The answer is Visual Thinking.

Learn how to harness the power of this foundational skill–nay superpower–which will provide you with new tools and methods to power up your communication, make your ideas tangible, and move your teams to action.

Our Virtual Visual Thinking Bootcamp is an immersive learning experience, facilitated by our visual thinking experts and peppered with real-life challenges, examples, and solutions.

  • Build your visual vocabulary and put your learnings to practice by visualizing common workplace challenges.
  • Learn how to use different visual tools and techniques to answer specific audience questions, solve complex problems, and connect information.
  • Dive into specific use cases for applying your visual thinking skills to your organization’s success.
Please note, schedule is set in Pacific Time Zone

Why Attend?

Transform into a visual thinker! We’ll arm you with the tools you’ll need to communicate effectively using visual frameworks to create a common understanding around workplace behaviors and scenarios. 

What You Get:

Fundamentals of visual thinking
Learn a brief history of visual thinking, how it works, and why it’s important. Learn the building blocks of visual thinking. 

Visualizing common scenarios
Put your learnings to practice by visualizing common workplace challenges and behaviors.

Techniques, frameworks, and approaches to solve problems
Learn how and when to use different frameworks to answer specific audience questions. 

Tactics and tools to create buy-in
Using a real-world scenario, combine visuals, techniques, and frameworks to develop a use case targeted to a specific audience.

Level up your visual thinking skills. On day two, you’ll learn how to use visual frameworks and draw games to tackle organizational roadblocks, align your co-workers and employees, and make fast and impactful decisions.

What You Get:

Complexity busting
Understand the process for wrestling with a complex idea until you find the perfect visual to explain it.

Dive into specific use cases for applying your visual thinking skills to your organization’s success.

Storyboard key journeys
Learn how to prototype, storyboard, and map out a user experience, customer journey, value proposition, or vision statement.

Build your toolkit
Learn tried-and-true Gamestorming exercises, frameworks, tools, and tricks that XPLANE uses to gain alignment, make fast decisions, and uncover gaps in understanding.

Create impact
Understand how to put together the tools and frameworks to move from idea to implementation to increase your influence.

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