XPLANE has been selected by T5 Corp, to help develop marketing communications that drive customer and investor understanding of its value proposition and differentiation. T5’s patent pending waste-to-commodity technologies benefit the environment through proven remediation, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.


XPLANE is an award-winning, global business design consultancy that uses a visualization-based, design thinking approach to help organizations innovate and perform better. Our methodology enables organizations to think differently, resulting in practical solutions that achieve better results in less time. Using this approach for the last 20 years, we’ve earned the trust of leading organizations in virtually every industry, including American Express, Proctor and Gamble, The Economist, Gates Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and the U.S. Marines. We serve our clients from our U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon and from our European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ABOUT T5 Corp.

T5 Corp invents, manufactures, and operates revolutionary waste-to-commodity technologies within the energy industry These technologies enable the transformation of waste into usable products – providing significant economic and environmental benefits. As energy companies look for new sources and methods to produce energy, complex wastes are also being produced. T5 is uniquely positioned to assist energy companies in the conversion of this waste into valuable, reusable materials.

The T5 management team has more than 25 years of experience implementing solutions for the energy industry. They’ve received awards for our innovative technologies and the completion of extremely challenging projects. The T5 team’s experience and adaptability has been proven worldwide in extraordinary locations, cultures and circumstances, often modernizing the client’s handling of waste.

T5‘s mission is simple – create a sustainable business that improves and protects the environment and the health of living things. Founded in this philosophy, T5 balances client value and community value for long-term success.