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Confidently drive your next change initiative.

We’ve helped organizations successfully deploy organizational change hundreds of times. And now we’ll show you how to develop a winning system that’s easy to plug into any organization to accelerate change.

Stop throwing things at the wall hoping something will stick. Carve a clear path to change with a powerful process that moves your organization from alignment through adoption. 

Our proven approach unifies teams and turns skeptics into believers and doubters into doers for organizational transformation that lasts. 
Developed over 25+ years of trying and refining, our principle-based, human-centered strategy activation methods are effective, scalable, and flexible. 

Best of all, you’ll walk away from XPLANE’s Strategy Activation Bootcamp with your own strategy activation plan that you can start implementing right away. Plus, you’ll leave equipped with the tools and mindset to continue refining your plan as it unfolds.

Are you eligible for a discount? We offer savings for groups of three or more, educators, and employees of nonprofits. Contact us for details.

Over the course of three consecutive days, we will introduce our powerful approach to strategy activation forged over 25+ years of guiding large organizations through change initiatives.

We’ll walk you through the four phases of XPLANE’s Strategy Activation Framework, from Envision, where you’ll visualize the change that you wish to create, through Discover and Design, where you’ll uncover potential barriers to change and map the terrain ahead and craft an activation plan to help bring your vision to life, and lastly Execute, where you’ll learn the skills to successfully lead change in a modern organization.

Each day includes short lectures to introduce content, followed by hands-on work to practice using key skills and tools that you can apply in your own organization. You’ll also benefit from rich discussions with other professionals attending the course who are also leading change initiatives in their organizations. 

Throughout the course, our instructor will demonstrate how to use each tool and provide immediate feedback and guidance as you create elements of your Strategy Activation Plan.

All course listings include a one-hour introduction and three 3-hour instructor-led classes. Click ENROLL button below for class times and other details.

x  2022 dates coming soon!

What you'll get in this bootcamp:

x  A step-by-step, proven system for engaging employees in change initiatives
x Flexible change activation tools that can be applied immediately and reused for multiple applications
x Opportunity to problem solve and build relations with other professionals navigating similar change challenges
x Powerful insights into reasons strategy activation fails—and how to avoid the pitfalls
x Hands-on activities that reinforce learning and strengthen skills
x A Strategy Activation Plan geared to your organization

Are you eligible for a discount? We offer savings for groups of three or more, educators, and employees of nonprofits. Contact us for details.


Day 1: Fundamentals of Strategy Activation

x  Define “strategy activation,” and how it differs from traditional change management
x  Identify and avoid the three reasons strategies fail
Create a clear, authentic vision for implementing change that will speak to the hearts and minds of people responsible for enacting the change, and show them the path to realize it
 Ensure strategic goals are met by establishing a measurement system and feedback loops that enable an agile, iterative approach

Day 2: Setting the Stage & Designing the Plan

Use empathy and an understanding of how employees learn to map the terrain ahead
x  Identify barriers to change for both the stakeholders and the organization
x  Diagnose required changes to the plan, pinpoint information to share in communications, and identify skills to be developed in training
x  Bring all the building blocks together into an authentic, actionable Strategy Activation Plan

Day 3: Refining the Plan & Executing

Anticipate change and create a plan for adapting to obstacles and new information
Create a Governance Model for your organization
Define criteria for success in your initiative and measure progress along the way


Headshot of J Michael Hawthorne in black and white

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to apply a proven analytical process to achieving lasting strategic change. XPLANE provided simple yet detailed tools, a contextual overview of their process, and a clear step-by-step guide to successfully gain team buy-in. Their expertise was clear throughout the Bootcamp.”
J. Michael Hawthorne, PG, Principal, Sr. Vice President at GEI Consultants, Inc.

Headshot of Jill Kinison in black and white

The recordings, the access to material, the accessibility of the instructors, the willingness of the participants…XPLANE’s Strategy Activation Bootcamp was a course I dreamt of. I am so glad I took it. I feel more confident and capable in my role.
Jill Kinison, Senior Manager, Global Operations at Slalom

“Thank you, Aric! You hugely surpassed my expectations of the session. I’m very excited to dive into much of what you shared. I loved how complex concepts were laid out in a simple manner that would be digestible by leaders engaged in change which makes it easier to engage in the change work necessary to make things stick.”
ACMP Strategy Activation Masterclass Participant

Are you eligible for a discount? We offer savings for groups of three or more, educators, and employees of nonprofits. Contact us for details.

Aric Wood, CEO

Aric leads XPLANE as its CEO and leader of the Strategic Planning and Strategy Activation practices, helping non-profit, government, and Fortune 500 clients chart a clear strategy and a path to achieve it. He is an international keynote speaker, and has appeared in publications and broadcasts including Forbes, CNN, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. 


Prior to XPLANE, Aric served in leadership roles at Intuit and, and as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School. 

Q: We’ve tried strategy activation methods before, what makes this different?

A: We’ll give you the critical missing piece between strategy planning and change implementation that’s essential to success: How to activate your employees and leverage how employees and organizations embrace change.

Q: How can you help me get traction on my change initiative?

A: We’ll reveal how employees learn and provide tools to help you better navigate common barriers to change.

Q: Why should I trust XPLANE?

A: We accelerate positive change for people, organizations, and the world. Helping you and your organization meaningfully evolve and transform over time is what we do.

Since 1993, we’ve partnered with over a quarter of the Fortune 500, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses around the globe, and in 25+ years of trying and learning on real projects with our clients, we’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to organizational change. We’re eager to share this with you to help you create positive change.

“There are few firms I would stake my career on. XPLANE is one of them.”
– Christine Tricoli, Chief HR Officer and Corporate SVP

Q: We’re already using design thinking and/or human-centered design. Why should we do this?

A: Our focused methodology and tools help you get the most out of your people-centered approach and drive measurable change in your organization.

Q: I’m super busy. How many hours will I need to invest? What’s the estimated course hours and assignment time?

A: Our bootcamp is geared toward busy professionals. It’s spread out across three consecutive days: including one-hour to review the technology setup, three hours of instruction and hands-on work each day, and a one-hour homework assignment after Day 2, which leaves you plenty of time to take care of pressing matters at work.

Are you eligible for a discount? We offer savings for groups of three or more, educators, and employees of nonprofits. Contact us for details.

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